Clean & Confident

The LCS program is our signature framework giving the industry scoop on the tools you need to level up as a performer and give you real life experience to turn a routine into a performance. 

LCS Clean & Confident is about diving deeper into developing yourself as a dancer, performer, and teammate. You’ll “Shine Bright Like a Diamond!” and ultimately have the skills to succeed once you make your dream team!



As a dancer have you ever wondered why you’re doing EVERYTHING the experts tell you to do, yet your results don’t match your hustle?

Maybe you find yourself taking dance class after dance class HOPING that this will prepare you enough to make a Pro Dance team.

Or maybe now that it's getting down to the wire, you're getting SUPER nervous for auditions and not sure what move to make next.

The truth is - it’s all about the strategy. Not that taking a bunch of dance classes isn’t awesome. In fact, that is necessary. But the truth?

Making a Pro Dance team and being successful once you make it takes A LOT of work.

And you? Well, if you’re reading this, we know you are next level, full of passion and drive, and have EXACTLY what it takes.

There’s simply a missing piece (and it’s closer than you think).

What's the missing piece? REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. You can't know what it's like to train and perform as a team until you're on one.

But we are here to give you the real Pro Team experience before you even make the team. Talk about having a leg up on the competition! You want in??

We couldn't be more excited to watch you grow and cheer for you Every. Step. Of. The. Way.



Sounds easy right?  

Couldn’t be farther from the truth!  When learning as a member of a “team” you need to have more than learning 8-counts be top of mind to ultimately be successful as a dancer and teammate.

  • Shapes + Placements
  • Routine Essence
  • Musicality
  • Learning with Intention



One of the most overlooked steps. Cleaning takes a piece of choreography from a routine to a pro level performance.

  • Cleaning mindset
  • Cleans 101
  • Levels



This is where all the hard work comes to life. Amateurs do it until they get it right, professionals do it until they can't get it wrong. So we drill the routine until we can't get it wrong, which allows you to fully and freely perform  with your heart and soul.

  • Passion
  • Performance
  • Personality



TCC Co-Founder

Amira started dancing at the age of 3 and grew up as a competition and studio dancer. She danced on ASU's Spirit Squad before she started dancing for professional sports teams including the Phoenix Suns and Warriors Dance Team. After dancing with the Warriors for 7 seasons, she transitioned to Coach for 3 seasons. Passionate about changing the industry, Amira strives to help dancers become the best version of themselves, both in dance and in life.


TCC Co-Founder

Sabrina has cultivated and mentored hundreds of dancers all over the world for the past two decades with an emphasis on professional sports. Having been a professional dancer and captain in the NFL for 8 seasons, started pro dance teams from scratch both in the US and internationally, and developed elite programs in the NBA space for the past 15 seasons, Sabrina is widely viewed as a leader in the industry because of her passion for mentoring and eye for talent.


“Hi! Wanted to drop in to say the feedback you gave me is incredible. The amount of detail provided is SO beneficial. Thank you for also giving me my next piece to focus on. I don't know if any amount of words could express the gratitude, but THANK YOU .”

“I am so happy I joined this program. I learned more about projecting and performing during our set session than I have in most dance classes I've taken my entire life. The way the dance was cleaned made so much sense in terms of making us feel like we were performing as a team and I'm grateful for all of the personalized feedback."

"I definitely learned a lot about how practice is essential to making sure dances are executed flawlessly on game day! I think the biggest takeaway was practicing facials and getting comfortable with recording myself so I can see how I look/what needs to be fixed as I continue to practice the choreography!"

"As I head into finals for Seahawks... this is the furthest that I have made it in any audition and I cannot help but to be so grateful for The Cultivate Code program and the mentorship that has gotten me this far."

"In the 4 months that I've worked with [TCC], all aspects of my dancing have improved. I notice I dance a little  more full out, my levels, power, and performance are improving. The way I learn and practice has changed and I feel better equipped. I am very happy with the program, and am grateful for the opportunity to connect with such beautiful individuals."

"Ever since I joined LCS I've found confidence and determination through pushing myself outside my comfort zone, receiving feedback and finding a community of girl who have the same goals and ambitions."



4-Week Online Program

Train like a Pro. With the Pros.
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This 4-week self-paced online program is designed to help you develop the skills you need to learn, clean, and set a Game-Ready routine before you even make a team. 

It’s the "real life experience" approach to your training... not only will you watch your retention and performance skills start to improve, YOU will start to grow and change in the process. 

You’ll discover a newfound sense of community and confidence so you can take your training to the next level… and the next… and the next.

One of best parts of this program is once you graduate you'll gain exclusive access to your Graduate Program called C3 - Clean & Confident Continuation. This is a monthly program to Learn from incredible industry choreographers, Clean with current pro dancers, and Set as a full performance with your TCC team and mentors. You will put the foundational skills you learn in this course into action!


Week 1: LEARN 

Dance 101· Shapes and Placement · Routine Essence · Stylization · Intentionality Behind Learning · Warm Up Video · Learn Routine

Weeks 2-3: CLEAN 

Cleaning Mindset · Coaches' Intent · Practice is Key! · Team Mentality · Cleans 101 · Levels · Clean the Routine


Week 4: SET 

Intro to Set · Refining Tactics · Personality, Passion, Performance · Set Routine Video 



Your course curriculum also comes with BONUS choreography, lessons, and insider Pro Tips & Tricks from current and former Pro Dancers and Coaches!

Graduate Program: C3 

After you "Graduate", you can continue your progress and journey through our monthly C3 Graduate program that is only open to C&C grads! If you missed having LIVE feedback sessions with Sabrina and Amira, you'll want to join C3. Each month we bring incredible Pro Dance choreographers so you can Learn, Clean, and Set a routine with your fellow Clean & Confident Grads and get direct feedback from your mentors!



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