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When Do I Need to Start Training for my NFL Cheerleader Audition?

Feb 01, 2023
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Every year dancers from all walks of life come together to chase their dreams of becoming professional NFL cheerleaders. From the iconic cheerleading outfits to the synchronized dance choreography on the field, becoming an NFL cheerleader is a lifelong dance dream for many. With hundreds of dancers showing up to professional cheerleader auditions each season, making it onto an NFL Cheerleader team is no easy feat.
BUT if you are wondering what it truly takes to make it onto a professional dance team, our recommendation is to start training early. Identify your dream teams, find out when those auditions are taking place, and then work backwards to start your training. Let's break down the timeline for training for your NFL audition.


The most stressful feeling is showing up to an NFL audition that you are unprepared for. The professional audition process will require a long day of dancing, interviewing, and performing, so you'll need to prep your body and mind for success.


Technique, Retention, and Performance

These are the meat and potatoes of any professional dance audition. At an NFL Cheerleader audition you will be required to demonstrate technique, learn a routine quickly, and perform it for a panel of judges. Having confidence in these areas comes from consistent practice. This means regularly drilling your foundations and technique (think double pirouettes, leaps, and kicks), taking dance classes in a variety of styles, and practicing your performance skills. For these skills, it is never too early to start your training and you should be taking dance classes regularly and year-round. Consistency is key!


Athletic Physical Fitness

Your fitness is key when walking into audition day. Professional dancers and cheerleaders are athletes. They are required to dance high-energy routines and sidelines with big movements and powerful execution for 1-3 minutes at a time. Just like all sports, it takes conditioning and it requires athlete-level stamina and strength. Make sure that you're working on your cardio and strength training at least 8 weeks before your NFL cheerleader audition. Remember that when you're training in a healthy way, it takes time to notice improvement in your strength and endurance, so start early and you'll be proud of your gradual progress.


Mental Health

Having a strong mindset is equally important to having a strong body when auditioning for an NFL Cheerleader team. The audition process is long and you'll be surrounded by hundreds of talented dancers, so it can be difficult to remain confident and positive. Having a strong and open mindset allows you overcome anxieties and remain present to enjoy the process. Dancers can often be their own worst critic, so cultivating your positive mind will take frequent and consistent practice. You'll want to start your visualization, meditation, and calming techniques 6 weeks before your NFL audition so that when audition day comes, you're already cool, calm, and collected.


Audition Practice

The best way to prepare for an NFL cheerleader audition is to actually audition. After you've experienced first hand what goes into professional auditions, you'll understand how they work and gain confidence in handling anything audition day throws at you. If you can attend a mock audition, that is even better. Mock Auditions allow you to experience a full audition process and get feedback on areas you can improve, without the pressure!
In case we didn't emphasize it enough, the key to a successful NFL cheerleader audition is preparation and starting your training early. Remember - STAY ready so you won't have to GET ready. The road to becoming an NFL cheerleader is a journey that is well worth it and comes easier when you're prepared and ready to get out of your comfort zone. Just keep going and remember to enjoy the process along the way.


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