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Why Your Resume Matters in Your NFL Cheerleader Audition

Feb 21, 2023
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You've polished up your dance skills, and you've rhinestoned your pro dance audition outfit, you know which hair style and makeup look you're going to show up with on audition day. You're ALMOST ready for your NFL Cheerleader Audition. The missing piece? Don't forget to spruce up your resume! Your application, resume, headshot, and interview will tell the judges a ton of information about who you are - both as a person and as a professional. These aspects can make or break your pro dance audition, so it's important to prepare and put in a solid effort to represent yourself well on paper as well as in-person. Remember, judges are selecting people that not only kill it on the dance floor, but that can represent the NFL organization as a professional Brand Ambassador.



1. Your resume shows your professional side

Above all else, you are applying for a job. This means your dance skills aren't the only things that matter. As a brand ambassador for a professional sports team, you need to be able to represent the brand both on and off the field. This requires an element of professionalism in everything you do.
PRO TIP: Be sure to add both dance and professional experience to your resume. Remember to choose your references wisely because coaches will actually call them to learn more about who you are and how you performed in that position! 

2. Your resume helps you stand out amongst a sea of talented dancers

NFL Directors and coaches are looking for the whole package, not just a "cookie cutter" perfect dancer, as you might expect. You are knowledgeable in so many things outside of dance - whether you're a teacher, a financial analyst, a college student, a nurse, or a social media creator - coaches want to build their team with a multitude of dancers with different backgrounds and professions. The sharing of knowledge on a team creates dynamic, diverse, and growth-oriented programs. So be proud of what you know and don't be afraid to share it!
HOT TAKE: If you are "tied" dance-wise with another dancer, but your resume stands out as more professional, more credible, or more memorable, your outstanding resume can make or break a final decision.
PRO TIP: Keep your resume short and concise. Be sure it includes the major details and anything unique about you or your career, but try to keep it to one page. Add a subtle pop of color to stand out!

3. Your resume demonstrates credibility and ability to speak about your passions and interests

Have you ever seen someone talk about what they love and their face lights up as they speak about it? It is very captivating when someone is proud of what they do and can speak to it eloquently. It shows passion when you light up talking about something you've spent your time working on. NFL coaches know that a pro dance season will require determination and persistence, so they love to see areas outside of dance in which you've demonstrated perseverance and care.
PRO TIP: Whatever you put on your resume, the judges will ask you about. Be sure you're able to fully explain and answer questions about everything on your resume. This shows integrity that you're being truthful about what your resume says.
So take the extra time to craft a professional, descriptive, and well-thought-out resume. The extra care will not go unnoticed. When you're going for your biggest dream of dancing on a professional dance team, you want to prepare every aspect to the best of your ability. No regrets!
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