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The Best Snacks to Pack on Audition Day

Mar 29, 2023
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NFL Audition Day is jam-packed. You will be asked to learn routines quickly, perform at a high athletic level for multiple hours, maintain a positive attitude, and look and feel your best to project confidence and display the best version of yourself. All of these acts require brain power as well as body strength and stamina. None of which can be done on an empty stomach! It is paramount that you fuel yourself with nutrients to give you long-lasting energy that NFL Cheerleader Audition day will require. This begins with eating nutritious meals and hydrating in the weeks and months leading up to the audition AS WELL AS audition day. Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks to pack for your upcoming NFL Auditions and tips for your pre-audition food prep.


Here's what's stocked in our bags:



                                 Meat Sticks   

                                 Almond Butter Snack Packs 

                                 Paleo Trail Mix 

                                 Perfect Bar

                                 Epic Bar




                                Coconut Water


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PRO TIP: Don't forget to fuel your body with healthy foods and hydration for the weeks leading up to your audition! You are training as an athlete and need to eat like one.



In reality, you will not be able to change the way you look one week before your NFL Audition. (See our Audition Training Timeline HERE to prep your body in advance properly). One of the biggest mistakes dancers can make before an audition is making an extreme eating shift at the last minute. Ultimately, drastically reducing portion sizes, skipping meals, or cutting out entire food groups will leave your body ill-prepared for the challenging audition day ahead. Stick to the same amount of fuel you know you need on a regular basis. Focus on drinking a lot of water, and if you want to cut anything out, it can be alcohol and sugar.



Focus on eating whole, natural foods and try to avoid processed foods, sodium, and alcohol. For example, try grilled salmon, brown rice, steamed carrots and fruit salad, with lots of water to drink. Make sure your dinner is fairly hearty since you know she’ll be eating smaller, lighter meals throughout the next day while you're auditioning. *Remember to pack your Audition Day bag with the snacks and small meals so you're ready to go early in the morning!



Don’t skip breakfast! You want to get the most out of this first meal to set your day up for success and help to ease anxieties. A favorite audition-day breakfast includes eggs with toast, a banana to minimize cramping, and orange juice or a green smoothie with almond milk. Keep your caffeine to just one cup of coffee. Too much caffeine can actually have an inverse effect - reducing energy, increasing brain fog, and skyrocketing anxiety.



You are fueled from breakfast and your bag is already packed so you're ready to go. The only thing left to do? SLAY.


Start getting into healthy eating habits in the months leading up to your NFL Audition so that when it approaches you won't need to make big shifts that will leave you feeling off-center. Grocery shop for the week of auditions so that you have all of your nutritious meals ready to eat, with your Audition Day snacks on-hand and easy to pack. If there's ONE thing you don't want to worry about on the day of your NFL Cheerleader Audition, it's "what should I eat?"



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